Let’s talk utilities…

At UAC Team we do things a little differently. Not only do we offer independent advice covering the full range of business utilities, we also consider our customers part of the bigger team, pulling together to find the right solution for all. We understand comparing the markets can be overwhelming, so we’ll use our industry expertise and partnerships with top suppliers to find you the best price at the right time. We think of it as Perfectly Timed Procurement.

  • Keep it real

    Our industry knowledge and wealth of experience allow us to do what we say we will and stay true to our word.

  • Keep it simple

    All your utilities managed in one place, with one point of contact, on one phone number, by someone who can explain things in words real people use.

  • Keep it friendly

    We work face-to-face in local business communities, building relationships, being accountable and giving customers the attention they deserve.

    No annoying cold calls, no high-pressure sales. Just a friendly face, with advisers that customers actually get to meet.

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Our core

team member

How it works

You supply copies of your recent bills
We work our magic and find the best deals for you
You choose the one you want and we take care of the rest

it really is that simple!

Let’s talk about our partners…

We offer a wide range of services, and in order to deliver them we are partnered with some of the biggest names in their industry. When they do a great job, it makes us look good! So, we have chosen our suppliers very carefully, against a simple set of criteria.

Value for money for the customer
Excellent customer service and support
Consistent with our core values
Simple, transparent support when working with us on your behalf